Monday, 16 January 2012

7 Reasons to Use BCAA Supplements

  • Branched chain amino acids are needed for protein synthesis and muscle maintenance, growth, and repair
  • Taking BCAA supplements can help you get enough of these essential amino acids in your diet
  • BCAA supplements can help you optimize your muscle growth and recovery

1. Replace Amino Acids
BCAA supplements can help replace branched chain amino acids which are depleted whenever you perform a hard workout. These substances are amino acids which are needed for your body to break down and use protein for muscle building and repair. When you perform vigorous exercise, your muscles use these amino acids and deplete the supply of them. Taking a supplement can help replace these essential amino acids so your body can function optimally, and has the needed components for protein synthesis that benefits your muscles and other tissues.
2. Muscle Recovery And Growth
Branched chain amino acids are needed by your body for muscle growth, repair, maintenance, and recovery. Amino acids can not be manufactured by your body, they must be ingested in your diet, and this can mean a shortage of these acids which can be detrimental to your muscle health and fitness if you are not careful. Taking a supplement will ensure that you have enough of these specific amino acids in your system to allow your muscles to be recover and grow in the shortest possible time.
3. Fat Loss
Taking BCAA supplements can help you with any fat loss you desire or are attempting. Because these amino acids are needed to synthesize protein, they assist in building muscle and eliminating fat from your body. A diet high in protein and these supplements can greatly improve your physical condition and help you lose any fat that you do not want. These substances basically consist of protein components, which will help build muscle. Muscle can help eliminate and prevent fat, because muscle requires more energy than fat to maintain.
4. Improved Brain Function
Branched chain amino acids have benefits for your brain as well as your body. Amino acids are the origin of neurotransmitters in the brain, and taking a supplement will ensure that your brain has the needed amount of these acids to function properly and effectively. BCAAs can also help your brain function by delaying certain messages, such as fatigue during a workout, so that you can continue on. These acids are needed for all parts of your body to function properly, and they can help improve the function of your brain.
5. Heart Health
Taking BCAA supplements can help keep your heart healthy and fit along with the rest of your body. These amino acids are critical to strong muscles that work as intended, and if you do not have enough sources of these acids in your diet all of your muscles, including your heart, could suffer because of these deficiencies. Eating a balanced diet and taking these supplements are the two best ways to ensure that your heart health stays in top shape. These supplements help muscle growth, repair, and maintenance, and your heart is only a muscle after all.
6. Lose Weight While Preserving Muscle
Taking BCAA supplements can help you lose weight while preserving your muscle, so that the weight lost is fat instead. These crucial chain amino acids are needed for proper muscle maintenance, and they are proteins. This means that your existing muscle has the protein and acids needed for proper maintenance, while you lose weight and fat because of the increased efficiency of your entire body. Two of the BCAAs, Isoleucine and Leucine, actually promote weight and fat loss specifically.
7. Healthy Immune System
Branched chain amino acids can have benefits for your immune system. These amino acids may have a preventative effect on immune system suppression cause by strenuous exercise or activity. They can also help to reduce inflammation, and promote healthy immune system functioning even after a vigorous workout. This can help keep you healthier, with a better ability to fight off any infections or diseases.